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Material required  Colour seperation size: 23.8 cm (w) x 35.2 cm (h) (positives); Progressive proof; Screen 300 DPI, 150 LPI

CD - Image’s size to be 23. 8 cm (w) x 35.2 cm (H) having a high resolution (300) - Dhs 550 / visual will be charged - being the cost of producing the colour seperation
Material reception  Two weeks prior display date
Size of poster  120 cm (w) x 176 cm (h)
Colour intensity & resolution  1. Highlighting dots should be increased i.e. whatever percentage you have in colour, it should be increased up to 70%.
2. Shadow dots should be decreased i.e. 95 dots should be 90 dots.
3. Resolution should be 300.
4. Silk screen ruling is required and not offset ruling.